Green Valley Houses

Duplex Green Valley Houses: Two Floors of Peace and Romance

Duplex Green Valley Houses in Antalya Kemer, specially designed for couples who want to experience the tranquility and beauty of nature, stands out with its unique concept and comfortable arrangements. This special house has been carefully designed to offer an ideal accommodation experience for just two people.

House Features:

Two Storey Design: The house, which stands out with its duplex structure, offers separate living areas, providing guests with a large and spacious accommodation area.

Romantic Atmosphere: The house, where every detail has been carefully thought out, is decorated to create a romantic atmosphere. With a capacity for two people, it offers a special getaway for couples.

Modern Amenities: The house combines contemporary comfort with an unforgettable nature experience. Modern amenities such as air conditioning and television ensure the comfort of guests.

Nature View: The house is located in a peaceful setting surrounded by greenery. It offers the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature from the rooms or terrace.

Private Terrace or Garden: Each duplex house is equipped with a private terrace or garden. These areas give couples the chance to spend a private time and enjoy nature.

Duplex Green Valley Houses promise an unforgettable stay for couples with its special design, romantic atmosphere and modern amenities. You are invited to live this unique experience in Kemer, Antalya, surrounded by nature.