Wooden House

Located in Antalya Kemer, Azur Hotel is famous for its unique architecture and warm atmosphere. The Wooden House is one of the accommodation units that best reflects this unique atmosphere of the hotel. Natural wood textures combined with modern comforts offer guests both a nostalgic touch and a contemporary accommodation experience.

Wooden House Features:

Natural Wood Details: With every detail carefully selected and adorned with natural wood details, Ahşap Evi embraces its guests with its warmth and comfort.

Spacious and Spacious: The interior design of the Wooden House offers a large and spacious atmosphere. Rooms are equipped with comfortable beds and modern amenities.

Private Terrace or Garden: Each room has a private terrace or garden, giving guests the opportunity to relax and enjoy nature.

Modern Amenities: Ahşap Evi combines the traditional touch with modern comforts. It meets the needs of its guests with facilities such as air conditioning and television.

Experience a peaceful stay in Antalya Kemer, in touch with nature with Azur Hotel Wooden House. The perfect combination of traditional wooden architecture and contemporary comfort awaits you.